Fantasy Atoll the third map in Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed.

Fantasy Atoll is beautiful island where you’ll find some of the coolest things in the Destroy All Humans saga. Take for example, a small area called “Sky God Cult” where the Natives spot Crypto. They run up to him and do a silly dance.

And the volcano. If you have an enemy that is irritating you why don’t you dump him… in a volcano, of course, using your saucer.

The Navy base at the beach is also home to some dark red bombs – you can place them with your saucer where ever you like and then shoot it with your electro-dome and it will blow up.

If you P.K. a small boat and hold it under water and let go it will flies up and down.


After the recent purchase of a Nintendo Wii, there was some haste to find some compatible disks for Destroy All Humans. After a quick rummage through eBay, we quickly found a couple of Big Willy Unleashed games. In a moment of weakness rather than waiting 9 days for the next auction to finish, we splashed out and bought a more expensive copy from Sweden that was in reasonable condition.

Delivery time? Six days. Six of the longest days in my young life passed – and still the game had not arrived.

Each day, upon returning from school, the first thing from my mouth was

Is it here yet??

Another week passes. And another. The other auction has finished by now. I would probably be playing Big Willy Unleashed right now if I had chosen the cheaper, more sensible option.


It arrived!

Finally, after three long, looong weeks of anticipation, the little brown envelope is found at the bottom of the mailbox. Words can’t explain the joy I’m feeling at the moment.

Big Willy Unleashed. Mine at last! Evil laughter filled the house.

As I ripped the envelope open, tore the cover apart, and reached for the mighty disk…



How could this be What sort of cruel twisted soul would do this to me? What kind of person would make me wait three long weeks and then send be an empty cover?

We will contact the heartless vendor at eBay and provide him opportunity to correct this error. Me thinks this is going to be a long wait…

Hey guys! It’s Cody here. I was just thinking…

You could really help me out by telling me c what your favourite Destroy All Humans game is so that I know which game you want to hear about.

By giving me your feedback, I will be able to write about the cheats, glitches and all the cool stuff that you want. How cool does that sound?

Found another great video that just had to be shared. There’s just some things that you can’t let go to waste sitting on someone’s hard drive. This video is a Destroy All Humans – Path of the Furon cheats video so you know it’s going to e good. What did you think about that? If you’re anything like me then you’re going to want to share too so tell your friends. Leave a comment by clicking on the speech bubble above the video and tell me what you think about it.

From the Zapo-Matic to the Ion Detonator from the death-ray to the sonic boom.

I’m about to show you the best arsenal in the universe… literary! Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans  – The Original

  • Zap-o-matic
  • Disintegrator-ray
  • Ion Detonator
  • Anal-probe
Destroy All Humans 2
  • Zap-o-matic
  • Disintegrator-ray
  • Dislocator
  • Ion Detonator
  • Burrow beast
  • Gastro
  • Meteor strike
Destroy All Humans – Path of The Furon
  • Zap-o-matic
  • Disintergrator Ray
  • Ion Detonator
  • Anal Probe
  • Dislocator
  • Venus Human Trap Gun
  • The Black Hole Gun
  • The Plasma Cannon
  • Superballer and
  • The Torndadotron
Destroy All Humans – Big Willy Unleashed
  • Zappo-matic
  • Disintergrater Ray
  • Ion Detonator
  • Shrink Ray
  • Zombie Gun
  • Anal Probe
As you can see the creators of Destroy All Humans have tried to keep Crypto the Furon star the game armed with all the typical weapons you would come to expect in an aliens arsenal.
Although many of the weapons sound quite blood thirsty but Destroy All Humans is not the type of game where you wish your TV came with windscreen wipers because you have to constantly wipe the blood and guts from the screen.
1.  The anal probe makes human brains pop out for the mind flash ability
2. The anal probe can also turn mutants back into humans, but their brains won’t pop out and you have to destroy the green mist that comes out of them.
3. Mutants are immune to the dislocater. It just goes straight through them.
If I could  make any suggestions to the Destroy All Humans arsenal then I would want to see some sort of cluster gun or all those tight situations

Big Willy Unleashed – Geez, you have such a dirty mind.

Must have been something I ate!! Big Willy Unleashed - gives a whole new meaning to the term meat bag. The Big Willy franchise has been using burgers to dispose of the human bodies Crypto carelessly leaves everywhere he goes.

Big Willy Unleashed is another great installment in the wonderful Destroy All Humans series. Your objective is to deliver things to Big Willy and defend the restaurant. In case you don’t know what Big Willy is let me tell you. Big Willy is a fast food restaurant  where the Furons dispose of human flesh disguised as everyday fast food.

Big Willy Unleashed is only available on the Nintendo Wii Console. The Playstation 2 version was cancelled because of budget cuts and the Playstation Portable version was written off because of a translation error in the games coding.

Big Willy differs from other Destroy All Humans games because it’s a two player game. You can play in co-op or versus modes as well as taking on the game itself. Co-op involves protecting the restaurant from franchise rival Kluckin’s Kitchen and the competitive mode players must touch the beacons in order to kill each.

The Plot…

Big Willy Unleashed is set in 1975 in the time between Destroy All Humans 2 and Path of the Furon. Crytposporidium 138 – known as Crypto – and his mentor Orthopox 13 – known as Pox –  are taking on the world once more but this time, they are doing it in style.

Pox is the proud owner of a chain of fast food restaurants which, little do the public know, has the sole purpose of disposing of the bodies that Crypto leaves lying around.

Once the whistle blower Patty Worst tells the public the truth about Big Willy’s hidden secret the the authorities are going to get suspicious so it’s Crypto’s job to stop Patty from giving the public proof of the scandal. When there is no one around…there is. When it’s safe… it’s not…

Tackle rollerskating girls, your arch nemesis Colonel Kluckin, mutinous Big Willy employee’s who turn double agent, Furon Customer Service rep’s and the robotic Vietlamese temple god. There’s heaps of unlockables along the way.

Big Willy Unleashed has better graphics than previous games in the Destroy All Humans series though the game is still rather blocky. No alien game is complete without anal probes and disentegrater ray guns. There’s of fun to be had shooting unsuspecting pedestrians and pulling their heads off although it’s still quite child friendly with little blood and guts spread across the screen. It’s simple game play makes it ideal for young players and gamers with little or no experience. The multiplayer feature makes a nice change to previous Destroy All Human games.

Overall, it’s another great installment in the series. Love it!!

I don’t know about you

But I love finding cool glitches in games. When I stumble on this Destroy All Humans video and saw that it had the instructions for some glitches then I knew I had to share.


Let me know what you think.

 First things first…

We have to get the cheats out of the way before we can continue. You can submit your own cheats for Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed for Wii by leaving a comment below or by checking out the You’re Invited page above.

Cheat mode

Before you start entering cheats, you need to bring up the cheat code entry screen. You can do this by

  • Press plus to pause the game
  • On your nunchuck press right until the “Unlockables” menu appears
  • Press left at the code entry screen


Stealth Space Ninja
Press Up, Right, Down, Down, Left
Crypto Dance Fever skin
Press Right, Left, Right, Left, Up
Unlimited Big Willy battery
Press Left, Left, Up, Right
PK pick up heavy things
Press Down, Up, Left, Up

Kluckin’s Chicken Blimp skin
Press Left, Up, Down, Up, Down

Leisure Suit skin
Press Left, Down, Right, Left, Right

Pimp My Blimp skin
Press Down, Up, Right, Down

Entry Location:
On the unlockables menu, hold the Nunchuck analog stick up for a few seconds and an enter cheat window should appear. Enter directional commands on the Wii remote D-pad.

Unlock all worlds

Up, right, down, right, up

Unlockables – Extra Help
After finishing the game you will have unlocked a yellow square. How exciting! It might not seem all that great but boy was I glad when I realized what it was.
You can use this square at several locations:
Harbour City: on one of the ships.

Fairfield: In a corn field.
Fantasy Atol: In a cave (Cave is inside a wall)

Find the navicom location in these area’s. This little yellow square will bring the boys to town! Crypto clones appear to help kill the humans. It’s a huge help with the military.
Take a cow close to the water, then push it into the water. If you do this correctly, it will look like the cow is running in the water

Cool Stuff
I pulled this one of another site and haven’t tested it yet but thought you could use it anyway. Let me know what you think of it.
Tiny Little Zombie – Requires: Zombie gun, Shrink ray, PK
You have to be in your normal costume for this to work. Shrink someone. Make someone else a zombie. PK the zombie next to the Small dude. Body Switch with Shrunk Guy. The Zombie should begin to attack you. Get out of body! If you don’t do this it wont work. 50% of the time it works!

Destroy All Humans is a awesome sci-fi game for both children and and those who are new to gaming.

Destroy All Humans is a great first game
because of it’s easy control of the character.

Destroy all humans has wide variety of weapons and powers such as telekinesis and mind reading. The game is set in the  early 60s were you  go from cities to farms and even area 51.

You play as the role of the alien called Crypto who an alien clone of the furon species.

Crypto is a hilarious but dangerous creature he has a giant arsenal of dangerous weapons such as zapo-matic, disintergrater-ray, ion detonator and yep, you guessed it…the anal probe.

Crypo’s has his own U.F.O like most aliens. You will need to use it through different levels. You can both destroy and abduct things. It is a very powerful weapon if you are in a close death situation I found it easier to get in the  U.F.O.

The game as a whole is rather cheesy but that’s what makes it so great. It’s not trying to be something it’s not. It knows that it’s cheesy and it plays to it’s strength’s making it a hilarious sci-fi game.